Black Cantabrigians Bookmarks

CBHP proudly introduces our newest set of bookmarks honoring remarkable Black Cantabrigians. We will be distributing these bookmarks free of charge to our city’s schools and public libraries. Please seek out the actual bookmarks, and take a look at each here to learn more about the depth and breadth of our community’s impact on our city, state, and country.

Emory Clark

A Self-Made Man of Many Talents

Edward Collymore

A Champion Both Off and On the Track

Dr.Mary Crutchfield Wright Thompson

Community Dentist, Health Equity Advocate, Humanitarian

William Lewis Hazelwood, Jr.

Award Winning TV Producer/Director, Athlete, Scholar

Charles Lenox

Harvard Entrepreneur and Cambridge Financier

Dorothy Fowler Richardson

Celebrated Contralto, Choral Director, Devoted ChurchWoman

Takako Grace Sato Salvi
Trailblazing Black Nurse, Family Advocate
Rowena Easterling Taylor
Trailblazing Attorney, Community Service Leader